Square Meters to Square Feet Converter: Usage, Formulas and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Square Meters (m²) to Square Feet (ft²) Converter is a handy tool for making quick and accurate conversions between commonly used units of area measurement. Whether you're planning real estate projects, renovations or simply want to understand surface areas, this article will guide you through how the m² to ft² converter works. You'll also discover the mathematical formulas used for conversions, and we'll answer frequently asked questions about this conversion.

How does the Square Meters to Square Feet converter work?

The Square Meters to Square Feet converter uses mathematical formulas to convert between the two units of area measurement. Here are the conversion formulas used:

Converting Square Metres to Square Feet: Square Feet (ft²) ≈ Square Metres (m²) * 10.7639

Square feet to square meters conversion: Square meters (m²) ≈ Square feet (ft²) / 10.7639

How to use the Square Meters to Square Feet converter?

The Square Metres to Square Feet converter is easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Follow these steps to perform a conversion:

Step 1: Enter the number of Square Meters you wish to convert in the field provided.

Step 2: The converter will automatically perform the calculation and display the result in Square Feet just below the Square Meters input field.

Step 3: If you wish to convert from Square Feet to Square Meters, enter the number of Square Feet in the second dedicated input field.

Step 4: The result in Square Meters will be displayed automatically below the Square Feet input field.

Example: Convert 50 Square Meters to Square Feet and 200 Square Feet to Square Meters.


50 Square Meters * 10.7639 ≈ 538.2 Square Feet

200 Square Feet / 10.7639 ≈ 18.58 Square Meters


50 Square Meters is equivalent to approximately 538.2 Square Feet.

200 Square Feet is equivalent to approximately 18.58 Square Meters.

Is the Square Meters to Square Feet converter accurate?

Yes, the Square Metres to Square Feet converter is very accurate, as it uses a conversion constant based on the official definitions of these units of area measurement. However, as with most conversions, there may be rounding to simplify the results, resulting in slight variations.

Why use an online converter for Square Meters to Square Feet conversions?

Online converters for Square Meters to Square Feet conversions are handy for getting accurate results in an instant. Using an online converter saves you time and energy, while ensuring that your calculations comply with official standards.

Can I convert other surface units using this converter?

No, this converter is specifically designed for conversions between Square Meters and Square Feet. To convert other area units, you'll need to use specific converters for those units (e.g. Square Meters to Acres, Square Centimeters to Square Inches, etc.).


The Square Metres to Square Feet converter is a handy tool for making area conversions between the metric and imperial systems. By using the simple conversion formulas presented in this article, you can obtain accurate results for your everyday and professional needs. Online converters offer a user-friendly, fast and reliable experience, making it easy for you to master the different units of area measurement.