Knots to Kilometers per Hour Converter: Usage, Formulas, and Origin


The Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter is a useful tool for performing conversions between these two speed measurement units. Whether you're interested in maritime navigation, aviation, or simply need to convert speeds between knots and kilometers per hour, this article will guide you through using this converter. We will also delve into the mathematical formulas used for conversions and provide insight into the origin of the knots measurement unit.

How does the Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter work?

The Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter employs mathematical formulas to perform conversions between these two speed measurement units. Here are the conversion formulas used:

Converting Knots to Kilometers per Hour: Kilometers per Hour ≈ Knots * 1.852

Converting Kilometers per Hour to Knots: Knots ≈ Kilometers per Hour / 1.852

How to use the Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter?

The Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter is straightforward to use due to its user-friendly interface. Follow these steps to perform a conversion:

Step 1: Enter the number of Knots you wish to convert in the designated field.

Step 2: The converter will automatically calculate and display the result in Kilometers per Hour just below the Knots input field.

Step 3: If you want to convert Kilometers per Hour to Knots, input the number of Kilometers per Hour in the second dedicated field.

Step 4: The result in Knots will be automatically shown below the Kilometers per Hour input field.

Example: Convert 20 Knots to Kilometers per Hour and 50 Kilometers per Hour to Knots.


20 Knots * 1.852 ≈ 37.04 Kilometers per Hour

50 Kilometers per Hour / 1.852 ≈ 26.98 Knots


20 Knots approximately equal 37.04 Kilometers per Hour.

50 Kilometers per Hour approximately equal 26.98 Knots.

Origin of the Knots Measurement Unit:

The Knot is a unit of speed commonly used in maritime and aviation contexts. A knot is equivalent to a speed of one nautical mile per hour. The nautical mile is defined as one minute of arc along a meridian of the Earth, approximately 1852 meters. The origin of the knot dates back to ancient methods of measuring speed at sea, where sailors used a floating wooden board called a "log," attached to a line with regularly spaced knots. The log floated behind the ship, and sailors used an hourglass to measure the time it took for the knots to unwind. This allowed them to estimate the ship's speed in knots.


The Knots to Kilometers per Hour converter is a convenient tool for performing speed conversions between these commonly used measurement units. With the simple conversion formulas presented in this article, you can quickly and easily achieve accurate conversions for your maritime navigation, aviation, or other needs. Online converters are fast and reliable, allowing you to seamlessly switch between measurement units for your professional and personal requirements.