Liters to Gallons Converter: Usage, Formulas, and Origin


The Liters to Gallons converter is a convenient tool for performing volume conversions between these two commonly used units of measurement worldwide for quantifying liquids such as water, gasoline, and other substances. This article will guide you through the usage of this converter, the mathematical formulas used for conversions, and we will also explore the origin of the Gallon unit of measurement.

How the Liters to Gallons Converter Works:

The Liters to Gallons converter employs simple mathematical formulas to perform conversions between these two volume units. Here are the conversion formulas used:

Conversion from Liters to Gallons: Gallons = Liters / 3.78541

Conversion from Gallons to Liters: Liters = Gallons * 3.78541

How to Use the Liters to Gallons Converter:

The Liters to Gallons converter is user-friendly. Follow these steps to perform a conversion:

Step 1: Enter the number of Liters you want to convert in the provided field.

Step 2: The converter will automatically perform the calculation and display the result in Gallons just below the Liters input field.

Step 3: If you want to perform a conversion from Gallons to Liters, enter the number of Gallons in the dedicated second input field.

Step 4: The result in Liters will be displayed automatically below the Gallons input field.

Example: Convert 10 Liters to Gallons and 5 Gallons to Liters.


10 Liters / 3.78541 = 2.64172 Gallons

5 Gallons * 3.78541 = 18.92705 Liters


10 Liters are approximately equivalent to 2.64172 Gallons.

5 Gallons are approximately equivalent to 18.92705 Liters.

Note on the Origin of the Gallon Unit:

The Gallon unit of measurement is used in many countries to quantify liquids such as gasoline, milk, water, etc. The origin of the word "Gallon" is attributed to its historical usage in England. The term "Gallon" comes from the Old French word "galon," which means "liquid measure." Initially, there were various sizes of Gallons in different regions, but in the 18th century, the "Imperial Gallon" was defined in England, equivalent to about 4.54609 liters. In the United States, the "US Gallon" is slightly different, equivalent to about 3.78541 liters.


The Liters to Gallons converter is a convenient and useful tool for professionals and the general public to perform accurate and swift volume conversions. With the simple conversion formulas presented in this article, you can effortlessly perform conversions between these two volume units. These online converters are widely used in various fields such as the automotive industry, food industry, and daily activities where liquid measurements are needed.